Family Time

Weekends are so precious.

This weekend started out with atrocious weather on Saturday morning, but didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. It was great to tuck up and enjoy music and puzzles together. Dan had a game of soccer to ‘look forward to’ (!) at midday, but beforehand we had some fun at ‘Junglerama’.

After Sophie’s nap we journeyed down to catch the last few minutes of the game and a beer with Dan.

Thankfully Sunday had better weather in store for us and we spent the morning at our local beach, Princess Bay.

Being by the sea always has a way of connecting me with the Universe and is a time for reflection and thought. Today I was thinking of my dear Grandmother (see post below) whom is very ill, but a marvellous lady at the grand old age of 92.

The children had a wonderful time. Sophie ran for the ‘bubbles’ (the sea foam), but it wasn’t the kind of weather for paddling (the waves were huge!). Charlotte enjoyed drawing in the sand (see one of her ‘creations’ below – a robot).

In the afternoon, Dan took Charlotte to the wave pool, whilst Sophie and I enjoyed a nap and a trip out to the local playground.

This evening I am surrounded by a pile of laundry and a number of jobs to do, but my thoughts are elsewhere and the piles can wait till tomorrow!