Sophie at 16 Months: Shoes!

Sophie says:

‘Shoes!’ and is VERY excited. Here she is trying on shoes at her favourite store: The Number 1 Shoe Warehouse (Grandma Lee will be jealous!). Sophie likes to try on all the shoes in our house and is already asserting her independence by trying to put shoes on without help (and then getting incredibly frustrated when she can’t!). She has extremely sensitive feet and loves to have them tickled. She is very particular to even a spec of dirt on her feet or hands and gets quite distressed, saying, ‘Ooo, dirty!’.

All that shoe shopping was thirsty work and Sophie was more than content to take a break from retail therapy with a quick fluffy and some pigeon ‘shooing’ in Midland Park.

Sophie’s vocabulary is now reaching acceleration with several new words being spouted every day. At the weekend we journeyed down to Princess Bay and she ran for the waves shouting, ‘Bubbles’! Her comprehension is incredible too and she often acts upon what she overhears us saying. Our neighbour came round this morning and Charlotte asked, ‘Would you like a beer, Shayne?’ (at 11.30am – our neighbour likes her beer, but not THAT much!), Sophie, who’d overheard her big sister, went to the fridge and came back with a beer for Shayne (uh oh!).

We have to remind ourselves to talk in ‘code’, which isn’t easy as Charlotte can’t spell yet. If we say, ‘Let’s go to the duck pond today,’ or ‘Let’s take Daddy into work this morning and play at Frank Kitts playground,’ we can guarantee that Sophie will be half-way into her car-seat before we turn round.

This past month she’s learned to bounce on the trampoline and loves to run around with a cheeky grin on her face – she sees humour in everything (even Charlotte’s bad moods make her chuckle!). She is very adoring of her big sister and when Charlotte’s not around she walks around the house saying, ‘Wa Char, Char?’.

It’s incredible Sophie is 16 month’s already. Thank you Sophie for bringing so much joy into our lives and to all you meet.

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