Transporting Children

There are an ever-increasing number of vehicles and mechanisms with which to transport ones child. Buggies, prams, back-packs, slings, ‘front-packs’, hip-seats, bicycle carriers, car seats and so the list goes on. Each method has its merits, but it is hard to determine, from the baffling array of products, what will really suit ones needs (and indeed ones child).

I am a great believer of each child being born with a strong character and from early on they seem to have the ability to let their views be known. No matter how determined one is for their child to like the transport method chosen (after hours of careful deliberation and an empty feeling in one’s wallet) a child will let you know their views on it. True, a child’s views can be swayed with a little stubborn perseverance (and industrial strength ear-plugs), but quite often a strong willed child will surprise his or her parents with equal stubborn denial to the chariot of choice.

Maybe it is that I am just a soft-touch or my husband’s penchant for the latest gadgets has influenced our choices. I can, of course, provide a valid reason and need for every purchase (as any woman with a love of shopping learns from an early age), but I am beginning to feel that the number of products we’ve collated in only four year’s of parenting is a tad on the excessive side!

Let thee be the judge…

First, came the Bertini Bidwell Pram (more traditional for our first child, we wanted to be able to look at her, talk to her, admire her and for her to lay flat, inclined etc. – plus it had ‘4-wheel’ drive/off-road capabilities and a large storage area for shopping and nappies!).

Second (and still much used and depended upon today) is the trusty umbrella style stroller by Maclaren (kindly given to us by Dan’s brother). This definitely has the thumbs up for ease of use, storage and portability (and both our children are happy to nap in it too – always a plus!).

Then for the attachment parent in all of us we had to try two of today’s personal carrier methods. We invested in the Elite front-pack and Natures Sway sling.

The first was great for ‘Dad’ and Charlotte loved to sleep in it (and later face out). It was very comfortable and we used it till she was around ten month’s old. The sling was a favourite for me and Sophie. We were forever on the run, keeping up with Charlotte, and this meant I could even climb a ladder at the playground with Sophie still asleep! It was also great to comfort her when she was a little unsettled and she loved to drift off to peaceful slumbers whilst watching the world go by (or the vacuum cleaner, or what ever was cooking on the stove etc.!). Past six month’s old I found it too heavy to use and thankfully she took to the buggy with delight.

For trailing the scenic spots of New Zealand and travelling around the UK when Charlotte was ten month’s old we invested in a MacPac Baby Backpack, which she loved. With a comfortable neck-support she also napped happily, which meant we could enjoy some all day walks.

When Sophie came along we decided to trade in our trusty Bertini Bidwell for ‘Phil and Teds Double Buggy‘, as Charlotte still took a nap most days and it meant we could get out for a walk with both children, but when all of the above fail there’s always Daddy’s shoulders!

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