I’m Four, I’m Four, I’m Four, I’m Four

Charlotte turned four years old today. Awaking to a smorgasboard of presents she was remarkably calm. Until the first present was opened that is. After which she simply wanted to get her hands on everything all the kind people had got her for her birthday.

Sophie was dead keen to get a piece of the action, and didn’t hesitate to find the heaviest and largest present to give to big sister ‘Cha Cha’. We’re not sure who was more excited about Charli turning four.

I’d already organised a late start at work, so we followed our new found family tradition of a “special day breakfast at the Maranui Cafe”. We ordered masses of great food (Bay Breakfast, Bacon and Banana Pancakes with maple syrup, boiled eggs, smoothies, OJ, a latte and a mocha) and sat down to sing Charli a hearty happy birthday and ceremoniously blowing out the candles. As many times as we could without setting off the fire alarms.

I’m so happy that I have a life where I can spent so much time with my wife and children. They are a precious gift, and they are only so young for such a small amount of time.

Happy Birthday Charlotte. Please don’t grow up too fast.