Baldy Bear Lost in Lakes!

It had to happen one day. Baldy Bear, Charlotte’s beloved companion of nearly three years, lost his way in the English Lake District. His life was rich and varied. He jetted around the world, visiting Singapore, Australia and America. We are all deeply saddened.

This is the last photograph taken of Baldy Bear before he mysteriously went missing on our last night in Bracken Howe:

We turned the house upside down, four adults searched Grandad’s car several times and Charlotte’s bed was completely stripped bare. She was extremely brave going to sleep without Baldy and Sophie kindly lent Charlotte her ‘Bedtime Care Bear’.

The next morning Charlotte went to the butchers, the bakers and the candlestick makers in a desperate attempt to track down Baldy’s wear-a-bouts. She even took a picture she’d drawn of him. Sadly, all our searching was in vein and we can only presume he’s now decided to spend the remainder of his years living the quiet life in the Lakes.

Charlotte has coped admirably and it seems that it is Mummy and Daddy that are grieving more. We can’t stop thinking about Baldy Bear and the memories we have had with him and Charlotte. It is perhaps that we’ve had to keep such a vigilant watch on his wear-a-bouts for so many years that we are now at a lose without his presence!

Charlotte hasn’t mentioned Baldy Bear again, but perhaps she is silently grieving his lost. Meanwhile, Dan and I are hoping to get another ‘Funshine Care Bear’, but no replacement will ever be the same. Lots of love!