A very special someone is flying to see us!

Last time she was here, there were two, now there are three!

Charlotte was four, and is now approaching nine. Sophie was one, and is now six.
Alice – wasn’t even conceived.

Three little nieces are very excited. Auntie Claire will be arriving on Tuesday from England for nine very precious days!

Auntie Claire… are you ready?!

Me, Alice, Sophie & Charlotte

We can’t WAIT to see you!

Here’s a few photos from your last visit – be prepared for anything and everything, hee, hee…

(but then, with your background in geophysics, sailing on the North Sea in ten metre swells, working in the Egyptian desert, leading a team in the sand and in the board room, and now teaching physics to teenage boys, you are very highly qualified!).

Sept 2007 Sept 2007
Charlotte & Auntie Claire, Sept 2007 Auntie Claire reading to four year old Charlotte
Sophie, Blacky the cat, and Auntie Claire, Sept 2007 Sophie, Sept 2007

Safe travels & see you soon my wonderful, amazing ‘little’ sister!!!!