Things I’m Loving: This long Easter weekend…

Loving the most INCREDIBLE sunsets on the stunning Kapiti Coast.

Amazing Kapiti sunsets

Loving that so much pleasure can be drawn from NATURAL toys – pebbles, driftwood, flowers in the sand dunes. LOVING playing in the surf, a stone’s throw (literally) from the beach house we’re staying in.

Playing in the surf

Loving the CREATIVITY that springs forth when time permits. This long weekend, away on a little holiday together – just a short drive up the coast, we have all had time to sketch, to create, to make music and to play games of our own creation. It’s amazing what unfolds when freed from work, school and chores. We are all energized and thriving on a natural high (erm, not quite all au natural – as the photographs reveal!).

Creativity comes in all forms when given room to breath

Loving seeing young Alice thrive in discovering the joys of our beautiful, natural world.

Toddler discoveries in a beautiful world

Loving the joy of music and dancing that we share and delight in as a family.

Music and dancing

We really are having the most incredible time together as a family and are so very, very grateful for the love we have that keeps us so strong and this precious time we share together.


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