Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to Daddy Dan from his adoring fans! Little Sophie kept him up most of the night, wanting all the cuddles and love she could get, regardless of the hour! She’s spent the past two month’s holidaying in the UK and sharing a bedroom with her dear Daddy, so adjusting to her own room isn’t easy. After a few restless nights we’ve moved her futon into our bedroom, in the hope of a better night’s sleep (we don’t care where she sleeps, as long as she sleeps!).

Sophie and Charlotte really missed their Daddy in the last three week’s of our stay in the UK. Dan was like a lost puppy dog (so my neighbour reports!) and the tears streaming down his face when he greeted us at the airport spoke volumes.

This weekend they have absolutely flourished in his company and he really is the most wonderful father and husband. He really deserved a long lie in this morning, but he couldn’t help himself and emerged from his pit after only an extra hour in bed. We took him breakfast in bed, which Charlotte thought was a wonderful idea and even told him she wanted to do it every morning (an idea I’m not so keen on!).

We then journeyed out to The Southern Cross on Cuba Street to meet up with Marrisa, Michael and Bethany and also Jenny, Mark and their adorable children, Edward and Victoria. Charlotte and Sophie were so excited to see Bethany again. The last time we met was at The Southern Cross, prior to our departure to the UK. It was a really lovely morning.

Having Aunty Claire to stay is really magic. We will really miss her when she leaves, but are enjoying every moment whilst she’s here. I really enjoy having the adult company and having her here has really helped me ease back into life, after two month’s of living with my family. Anyway, this post is supposed to be a tribute to Dan and not about me!

He really is THE most wonderful father and husband. He always puts in 110% from the moment he walks in the door. Nothing is too much trouble for him and he’s game for anything (from volunteering his body as a trampoline and punch bag to Singstar and ballet dancing). The sound of laughter in the house when he’s home is constant and infectious. There is no facade in his genuine love of playing with the children on their level. His patience and tireless ability to say ‘Yes’ to yet another request for help from the children (or me!) is quite something to live up to. He is our anchor and without him we’d be totally lost at sea and on our way to Mars. We live for the weekends, when we can take all he has to give, but we also honour his need for ‘time-out’ (occasionally!). From the moment the girls wake in the morning he’s down at their level building towers out of lego and dancing round the kitchen table.

Thank you Daddy Dan – WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! What’s more – he even cooked a roast dinner for us all, on his special day! Daddy, You Rock!