Back at Kindi

Charlotte’s back at Kindi and all my positive visualisation of her happily returning obviously sent out the right message to the Universe, as she is loving it. On her first day she was greeted by several children running up to hug her and she was so happy.

Today I walked in at the end of the session to see half the children putting on a little show for the others. I didn’t quite get the whole of the story, but picked up that it was about fishing. Charlotte told me the boys were fishing and the girls were cooking (not quite sure how ‘PC’ this is, but I’m not a fanatic on that score, so wasn’t too bothered!). When she came home she wanted to make an octopus and fish, along with fishing rods.

She then had us fishing and taking our fish home to cook. We found a large piece of green cellophane in the art cupboard, which we pretended was the ocean. She took her trousers off to go paddling and then improvised with a piece of paper for a surfboard and asked for me to create some paper sharks.

Then she made an ‘octopus’ skirt and pretended to eat the fish in the ocean. I am so thankful to the wonderful creativity of the teachers at Kindergarten, as it really made for easy parenting this afternoon!

We continued with the ocean theme this afternoon with a swim at the local pool, which was perfect exercise on a wet and windy day. Poor Aunty Claire and Mike were sailing over the Cook Strait to the South Island and I do hope they didn’t have too much of a rough crossing as Mike suffers from sea sickness! On the positive side, the weather is looking good for the rest of the week. I know they’ll have a great time what ever the weather, as those two are so lurved up no rain will dampen their flames!

Off up for a bath now with some blue food colouring and new boats Sophie and I picked up on our mandatory supermarket shop. We’ve also got a new stash of bath crayons from our morning visit to the museum, so perhaps we’ll be drawing fish around the bath too. It’s good to be home, but only wish family were closer too.