Did you feel the magic?

The division between the spiritual and material worlds softened this evening and the magic was powerful over Capital E; in Wellington’s Civic Square. There was a strong sense that King Arthur was amongst us as we journeyed into the medieval castle. It was with trepidation that we ventured into the Medieval Horror Hall and it wasn’t long (maybe a mere ten footsteps) before foot-soldier Sophie (who wasn’t actually on foot, but in her mother’s arms!) started shaking and said, ‘Scared! Scared!’. Charlotte, the brave, fearless warrior of a four-year old that she now is, said, ‘Mummy, I’m not scared, but we’ll go back for Sophie’s sake.’. How very noble.

We retreated to the warmth and safety of fairy Rosy (Charlotte told me that was her name). I didn’t actually get to have a personal meeting with the fairy; unlike lady Charlotte. Charlotte was so overwhelmed and stunned to be given the honour of holding the fairy’s wand and helping to repeat the magic words (which were in a language only known to children and fairies!). Charlotte closed her eyes, said the magic words and made a wish; before opening her eyes in wonder to a lavish sprinkling of fairy dust over her hands and body. Her eyes were bigger than pumpkins as she took in the magical dust on her hands. It was as though she’d been reborn.

Fairy Rosy then went on to tell the children a story and lifted Charlotte up onto her lap. Charlotte sat through the story with her eyes unmoving; they were glued to the fairy dust on her hands. She really was blown away by her first ‘Halloween’ and mystical encounter.

All the magic was leaving me feeling a little light-headed so we left the castle for some medieval entertainment in the fresh air. Charlotte has read much about castles of old and since our visit to England she’s been even more intrigued. When we emerged into the fresh air she was literally blown-away in a time-machine when she saw a Jester performing in Civic Square! Her face in this photograph speaks volumes!

It was a magical hour. We had to leave early as we were expecting our dear friend Lucy at home; but an hour of magic was plenty for a first Halloween. Hope the spirits were good to you?! Whoooo….!

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