Whilst waiting for the car to pass its W.O.F….

The best thing about taking one’s car into Wellington City for a W.O.F. is no parking fees – yah! With the weather warm and calm we whiled away a couple of hours at Waitangi Park before making our way back to the garage to see how our ‘ole motor was getting on.

IMG_6253 IMG_6252

Anticipating a probable wait at the garage we took a detour via Moore Wilson’s toy department and stocked up on some awesome face-paints: Which came in very handy – as we waited an hour and half at the garage! Thankfully, Capital City Ford are a supremely organised operation and customer service is top of the top. The waiting room was well stocked with great toys, puzzles and books. So there was no danger of Charlotte trying to test drive one of the new motors on the showroom floor or Sophie flooding the showroom through excessive use of the water pump.

IMG_6260 IMG_6262

The girls spent the rest of the day doing body art on knees, feet, arms and bellies and were filthy by bath-time – but all in the name of FUN! Yah!

IMG_6264 IMG_6266

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