Christmas Parade: Already!

Why does Wellington always hold it’s Christmas Parade in November?! I have no answer to this question, but it’s resulted in the build-up starting early and the girls have been insisting on getting out a few decorations – already. We haven’t gone crazy (yet!), but we’re only weeks away. I probably fuel their excitement as I love Christmas songs, decorating the house and since we’ve had the children the arts, crafts and baking have become a central part of our fun. In the past few years since Charlotte’s birth I’ve collected some lovely books on Christmas ranging from the fun, cute and cuddly to the traditional and biblical. The traditions of Christmas around the world hold so much magic, but also so many important stories of love, kindness and remembrance.

With Sophie’s Birthday on Boxing Day I’m also aware of the build up to her special day and our own ‘double celebration’. When asked how old she’ll be, she knows, ‘Two!’. When asked what she’ll have for her Birthday, she says, ‘Cake’! We have a lovely, musical toy cake a good friend gave us before her and her beautiful family moved to Australia and Sophie keeps getting it out and asking me to sing the Birthday song.

This morning we enjoyed more of the sunshine with a play at Breaker Bay playground and then a trip to ‘The Faraway Tree Fairy Shop’ in Seatoun and lunch at ‘Breakers’.

In the afternoon we went into town for the Christmas Parade (click here for the Dominion Post’s wonderful slide-show)! There was traditional mixed with modern. Pantomime and ballet. Scottish pipers mixed with the sounds of South America. Cheer leading and ballet dancing. And no Christmas Parade would be complete without Father Christmas! Sophie said, ‘Nice, Father Christmas, waved at Sophie!’. (My friend Marrisa has posted some beautiful photographs on her blog.)

After the parade we took a stroll down Cuba Street, where there were so many families enjoying the sunshine and the infamous ‘Bucket Fountain‘ (with a few game children dipping their feet in the water and hanging out to get splashed!).

Sophie was exhausted after all the action (missing her nap to see the parade), but soon found her energy again once back at home. Charlotte and Sophie are playing beautifully together (most of the time!) now that Sophie’s language skills are progressing so well. The girls packed their bags and went on a dinosaur hunt, with Charlotte insisting there would be no real ones; just bones. Sophie said she was a little scared, but closed her eyes! They then went shopping and Sophie was a little put-out that we had to stop for dinner. After her dinner she was quick to get back to her shopping and sat outside, enjoying the late evening sun, with her till, shopping basket, bags and merchandise. Very adorable.