Worser Bay; far from it!

Worser Bay on the Miramar Peninsula, close to Seatoun (Wellington), possesses a magic that makes it so much more than its name suggests. On Saturday morning we drove round the coastal road, from Lyall Bay, past Breaker Bay and down into Seatoun to be greeted by a holiday scene.

Footsteps through the warm sand and beautifully regenerating sand dunes brought us to a tranquil scene of simple pleasures. Sailing dingies, from the nearby Worser Bay Boating Club, dotted the calm water and children played at ease in the clean sand and gentle waves.

The water wasn’t warm, but the sunshine made us feel game enough for a paddle at least. The girls giggled with surprise as each wave crashed gently to the shore and filled the trenches to our castle. There were plenty of beach treasures to adorn castles and bodies. Sophie favoured a piece of seaweed as a fashion accessory: styling it as a belt and strutting along the beach delighting the trail she left behind. Charlotte helped a little boy to heave a giant monster mound of seaweed onto the shore from the shallows. They then proceeded to jump on it and over it; listening to the popping sound it made underfoot. Dan and I felt so energised by the sun’s rays and tranquil surroundings. It was one of those special moments when no words were needed: it was all that life is meant to be – living happily in the moment with our children.