South Coast Wonders

The Island Bay Marine Centre had an ‘Open Day’ today and we are always so excited to visit. It’s so incredible to be able to get close to beautiful sea creatures. Learning through interaction and real-life experiences is so powerful. Charlotte and Sophie’s interest in the wonders of the sea has certainly been captured since we began our visits to the Marine Centre.

Today, we walked along the South Coast, from our home in Houghton Bay to Island Bay. Along the way Charlotte was looking out for dolphins and whales – you never know! Sophie took a nap in the buggy; so unfortunately missed all the action this time. Charlotte got so excited when she saw the familiar orange building that is home to the Marine Centre. She quickened her step into a fast run.

She stood in awe at the creatures in the touch pool, particularly interested in the starfish and hermit crabs. She felt very lucky to feed a turtle and told me, ‘Mummy, the turtle with the long neck comes from Australia!’.

After a wonderful visit we ventured onto Island Bay beach, where Charlotte was fascinated in the different textures and shapes of seaweed (delightful!).