The African Savannah: All Mixed Up!

The new African Savannah opened at Wellington Zoo this weekend and is such an exciting and refreshing use of the available space. Overlooking the city, the Zoo is placed on a hilly landscape well populated with trees and vegetation. Walking into the new African Savannah, we were greeted by a set straight out of Africa.

Dan’s eyes lit up on the Land Rover and he wasted no time in climbing into the driver’s seat! He spotted a couple of interesting Charli and Sophie species!

The new giraffe home is a great improvement and they seem very happy – as much as we could tell! It was lovely to see them at home with the zebras, ostriches and antelope. Charlotte stood in the crate they had used to transport the giraffes and got a real sense of how big they are! She also touched the skeleton of a giraffe’s head; which was pretty incredible!

Our friend Micheal and his lovely daughter, Bethany, also visited this weekend and took some great photographs.

We’ll definitely be visiting again soon and this new enclosure really doesn’t feel like an ‘enclosure’ at all. The tree-top viewing platform brings people and animals so close and the undulating landscape is a perfect setting for these beautiful creatures.