The call of Aotearoa brings back another good friend!

This morning I caught up with another old friend of my early years in Wellington, who has been living in the UK for a stint. She’s recently returned (New Zealand is her birth country) and has done so with her British hubbie and British born daughter! It was so great to see her and meet her gorgeous 19 month old daughter. Sophie loved having a little friend to take on a tour of the ‘MeMe’ – Museum.

I’m so thrilled that three of my very good friends are returning to New Zealand this year. Though it is a very beautiful country, and offers a fantastic quality of life, many people leave for several years to experience cultures overseas (and better paying jobs!). Everyone I talk to that has returned is genuinely delighted, almost relieved, to be back. However, the time they had away was essential to their own personal journey in life and, like most experiences in life, has made them a little richer, wiser and stronger.

And whilst I was busy gossiping and cooing over my friend’s delightful daughter; dolphins were busy frolicking in Houghton Bay (and I knew nothing about it till this evening when I checked out my friend Marrisa’s blog!). Here’s the video-footage she captured: