Princess Bay to Houghton Bay: Sisterly Happiness

This morning was an exciting one for me, personally, as a very good friend moved back to Wellington after four year’s in Australia. Wellington, New Zealand, has a magnetism to it that draws people back.

This afternoon was simply wonderful: watching my two daughters at peace with one another in nature. Houghton Bay and Princess Bay, on Wellington’s South Coast, offer stunning scenery and no crowds. A wonderful place for beach combing, building sand-castles, dreaming and finding peace. For the adventurous and skilled the surfing in Houghton Bay can be an extreme rush!

The rocks provide a rugged backdrop and provide wonderful scrambling opportunities for youngters with an urge to climb. Sheltered spots in the dunes and rocks, together with driftwood, provide the perfect opportunity for a small camp-fire.

Divers frequent the sheltered Princess Bay and often come ashore with crayfish and other delights.

Nearby Lyall Bay offers another scenic spot with a choice of cafes for refreshment and surf-board hire for those willing to give it a go!

For my daughters the world really is open to them. They have no idea how fortunate they are. Let’s hope their young love of the outdoors will grow into a life of appreciation, exploration and also respect. This precious coastline has so much to give and deserves to be taken care of; just like the children of our future.

The following series of photographs were an absolute pleasure to take…

A pair of outdoor adventure girls in the making:

I wish for them to always retain their free spirits and love of simple pleasures.

And believe they can really touch the clouds.

To always delight in the movement of the waves.

But to also respect and admire the ocean in all its bewitching, powerful glory. To retain a little of the primal fear they have, to enable them to always be safe.

And to never stop exploring the world, in tiny detail.