Orakei Korako Geyserland

Seventy year’s ago people crossed the waters of the Waikato River to the thermal wonderland of Orakei Korako on a narrow-wooden canoe – otherwise known as a ‘waka’. We were relieved to be crossing in a small-motorised, river boat!

We’d visited this wonderland many years ago and it was brilliant to return with the children and Grandparents. The walk winds through native bush and geothermal wonders of silica terraces, mud pools and geysers.

The cave is mystical, surrounded with the sound of bird life and eerily peaceful. The waters at its depth are fueled with geothermal minerals and so calmly bewitching.

The walkways are winding and undulating but the girls powered on with wonder and excitement. Fantails followed us as we walked through the bush; which brought great excitement to Chicken Grandma and I! We have a special fondness for these beautiful birds and had a strong feeling that Great Grandma was with us in spirit that day.