Easter Sunshine

This beautiful summer weather is still blessing us with its glory (though not great news for farmers). Traditionally our Wellington summers have been frequented with sun; but also with wind. Frequent review of the wind direction would determine which beach we’d visit for the most shelter. This year, calm, sunny days have been our best friend.

Spot the dolphins!

This Easter weekend we are enjoying having extra time to simply be together as a family. Dan’s been working darn hard on his business and was really gasping for some fresh sea-air and beach time.

This morning the girls woke to a few treats from the Easter bunny and we enjoyed a lovely Easter brunch. Most of the afternoon has been spent at Lyall Bay beach; where there is always such a relaxed, family atmosphere. Poor little Sophie came down with a bit of a cold yesterday and hasn’t been herself today; but this hasn’t stopped her having her quota of fun for the day.

Lyall Bay:

Dan and Charlotte have gone out to the Splash Pool, whilst Sophie wanted to go for a gentle walk in the buggy by Houghton Bay – unfortunately she fell asleep so we might have a late night ahead of us – or a very early rise – c’est la vie!

Houghton Bay:

Yesterday, we journeyed into town for a visit to ‘The Museum of City and Sea‘ which beautifully presents the history of Wellington. We also spent a good hour in Border’s Bookstore – stopping for a coffee and a good read. It always feels uplifting to be surrounded by thousands of thoughts and creative delights. We couldn’t resist treating the girls to a couple of books as a little Easter treat.

On Good Friday we enjoyed a beautiful morning, decorating wooden eggs that ‘Chicken’ Grandma and Grandad had kindly sent.

The girls also enjoyed an early mini-egg hunt with our neighbour’s daughters (who are around the same age). It’s delightful to hear the girls calling out across the fence to one another and reminds me so much of my childhood.

In the early afternoon we enjoyed the new bush-walk by Houghton Valley playground (which I’d done a week ago with the girls).

The evenings have been beautifully relaxed with music and movies – I enjoyed an evening of escapism watching, ‘Becoming Jane‘ last night. Jane Austen lived in Hampshire, England – my home County – so it really was a chance to soak up some English romanticism (Dan was a little less enthusiastic and opted to get some work done instead!).

Looking forward to another family day tomorrow – long may this good weather last! For dear friends and relatives in England – enjoy the snow and send us a photo of your snow creations!