The Gallery: Easter

Sunset walk with my sister on Easter Sunday

My enduring memory of Easter Sunday 2012 will not be the excited sounds of children and chocolate, or the frustration at having to mediate over a fair collection of hidden eggs in the garden (to which I sulked off in annoyance at the ungratefulness and read the Easter story, out loud). My enduring memory will be a walk with my sister, late on Sunday afternoon.

We enjoyed two hours together, walking along the beach, talking, drinking berry smoothy at Maranui, whilst the tide rolled in, and watching the sun-set together over the south coast of Wellington. A novelty for us both to talk uninterrupted, in the same time-zone, in the same season, side by side, within arms reach for affectionate hugs and shared smiles.

We bid her bon voyage tonight (she’s sneaking out at 3am – taking a taxi to the airport for a red-eye fly out of Wellington at sunrise). It’s been an amazing, emotional and wonderful nine days together. It took me two days to accept she wasn’t just a figment of my imagination (and then the waterworks started!). Then we had the long Easter weekend, filled with sunshine, which was a relaxed, wonderful, four days, of precious memory making. A weekend of kayaking, rock climbing, walking and racing.

A wonderful visit to Wellington Zoo on Easter Sunday morning…

Fun, sunshine and creativity at the Zoo

where the animals were lapping up the sunshine…

Animals at Wellington Zoo Easter Sunday enjoying the sunshine

… and so were we!

Enjoying the sunshine

Easter this year was blessed with the visit of my sister, all the way from the UK, and a treat of sunshine from the weather Gods!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend too x


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