Easter Saturday Sunshine in Wellington!

Auntie Claire & Sophie after a kayak on the harbour

Wellington put on a show for Easter Saturday. It was an incredible day of sunshine and no wind. Perfect for entertaining Auntie Claire and enjoying some action in the outdoors.

We enjoyed an action packed day on the waterfront. She went out on a kayak with Sophie, whilst I kayaked with Alice. Out on the water we spotted a little blue penguin! Charlotte & Dan took a ride on a double bike.

After the kayaking we headed to Ferg’s rock climbing, where Auntie Claire showed us how it’s done and all the girls put in a marvellous effort.

A few much needed cold beverages were enjoyed by the ‘old folk’ at the wonderful ‘Cuckoo’ bar, after the action-packed morning. Alice took a nap in the buggy, whilst Charlotte & Sophie did a ‘photo shoot’ (with ChaCha happily behind the camera and Sophie posing).

Claire, Dan, Sarah & Sophie lusting after a beer at Cuckoo bar

Sophie kept us well entertained!!

Alice woke up after a wonderful nap, just as we were making a quick visit to the Kirks ‘Easter Shop’ and ‘Clucky’. She woke to the sound of a giant chicken laying gold wrapped marshmallow eggs.

Homeward bound, with chocolate lined tummies, we stopped off at Lyall Bay, as the sun sank behind the hill. Beautiful light at that time of evening and so lovely to share with Auntie Claire.

Auntie Claire playing with Alice at Lyall Bay