Sick and Hormonal

No, I am not pregnant! But I am due my monthly ‘visitor’, aka the curse, which always makes me weep at anything. I also feel like my body has been temporarily hi-jacked by a snappy demon. Whilst trying to keep the children happy I am also fighting a personal battle with ‘the demon’. It tries really hard to overwhelm my chirpy spirit and make me say nasty things that are totally out of character for me.

I’m also ill with some cranky virus and feel like someone’s shoved two golf balls laced with acid down my throat. All I want to do is sleep.

Sophie was a gem this morning. We cuddled up on the sofa with me attempting to read stories. When I kept dozing off she said, ‘Don’t worry Mummy. Mummy, sit up, I can get you a drink. Milk? But the fridge door is too tricky for me. Please, Mummy, come help. I get you a drink. Okay Mummy.’.

I picked Charlotte up from Kindi at midday and she was upset that someone had scratched her. I tried very hard to listen and be sympathetic. I couldn’t see a scratch. We went for lunch at ‘Mint’ and I had the most wonderful soup. Thankfully, the girls were brilliant for me as there was no way I could have found energy for frequent conflict resolutions! We got home and got busy with crafts. Charlotte made the most beautiful wands for everyone and Sophie got stuck in too.

And then… my hero Dan came to the rescue at 3 o’clock and I slept for two hour’s straight. He’s still out with them and I should really go back to bed again – loaded with a nice mug of something hot. Thankfully it’s the weekend!