Amazing Mothers

Mother’s Day, like mothering itself, is varied and diverse in its history and when it is celebrated. I myself, have to work hard to remember Mothering Sunday in the UK is earlier in the year than in New Zealand (last Sunday was Mother’s Day in New Zealand) – so I have one day of celebrating my wonderful mother; and another of celebrating my own journey to motherhood!

This year, Mother’s Day was celebrated with a curry for lunch! The waiters at ‘Tulsi‘ on Cuba Mall went out of their way to make the children laugh (and us), provided great service (we asked if they offered babysitting services too!) and, most importantly, delicious curry (which the girls even sampled and enjoyed!).

Dan, Charlotte and Sophie surprised me with the most incredible gift of a digital photo frame, which they’d loaded with amazing photographs. It now sits in pride of place on top of the piano in the living room.

I spent some private time reflecting on my own journey into motherhood and where I am now on the wheel of life with my two beautiful daughters. I am so thankful to my own dear mother and her mother before her, as well as many others who have influenced my life and ability to strive to be a good mother.

It’s fascinating to contemplate the history of Mother’s Day and think of all the mothers before us, with their own challenges, highs and lows.

It is important to have a moment in the year to stop and think about mothers around the world; many struggling for the survival of themselves and their children.

To honour the daily, selfless sacrifices mothers make in unconditional love for their children.

To not feel alone when the future is unclear; but to draw strength from the circle of motherhood that encompasses the earth (that is made easier with the help of the Internet!).

Mothers of the past that laid the path for us to enter this world and left so many lessons from which we continue to draw on today.

Mothers of the present working hard to smooth out the creases in the path; so that mothers of the future can hopefully tread more easily.

Mothers through the generations continually striving to make a better world for future generations.

Here’s my two cherubs and, as any mother, I hope their future is everything they dream and more: