Something that Makes You Happy & Mums!

Hubbie came home from his travels yesterday and the smiles were BEAMING on all our faces. The sunshine returned to Wellington too, a perfect welcome home. HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!

Today in New Zealand is ‘Mothers Day’ (and in many other countries around the world).

So LOVE to all my lovely Mummy friends and my own dear Mum and Mum-in-law (even though we celebrated Mothering Sunday in the UK a little while ago – they are still very specially thought of always).

I have to share these gorgeous surprises from my daughters and pass on the LOVE!

This, from Charlotte, put together at her Daddy’s office after school on Monday (she laid out large ‘jenga’ blocks on the floor, took photographs, printed them off and then stuck them together to make the card!). I love it!

From Charlotte Mothers Day 2012

This from Sophie (made me laugh, hee, hee!):

From Sophie Mothers Day 2012

From Sophie 2012 Mothers DayFrom Sophie 2012

And Alice only has to smile and take a nap for me to make my ‘Mothers Day’ (especially as she woke up at 5am). So whilst Dan takes Charlotte & Sophie for a swim, Alice is having a nap and I am happy reflecting on how fortunate I am to have three healthy, happy (most of the time), energetic, lively daughters!!

Alice, May 2012