The Dooplex Opens!

On Friday 23 May Dan (aka dear hubbie) and his team opened their ‘YouDo‘ offices, which they’ve named ‘The Dooplex’. Located on Cambridge Terrace, by the entertainment district of Courtenay Place, they won’t be short of places to fuel up on coffee. At the end of a busy week they have a plethora of bars to choose from – but their office promises to be the hub of activity.

I took the girls into The Dooplex for opening night and it was wonderful to toast Dan and his team to a successful first year in business. They’ve worked so hard and deserve to succeed (and I’ve worked hard, along with the girls, as the support crew!).

The girls ran around like crazy with balloons and party streamers before settling down to some on the job training.

They worked so hard at the office that they both fell asleep in the car on the drive home (whilst Dan and his team partied on!).

Congratulations to YouDo! You deserve to do well and from your loving girls, ‘Well done Daddy! We love you!’.