Horsey crazy in the heart of the Ohariu Valley

This long, Queen’s Birthday Weekend, has been one of hobbies. On Saturday morning Charlotte went to her first ‘Petite Ballet‘ lesson at the Wellington Performing Arts Centre and LOVED it! I didn’t get any photographs; but will take one of her in the beautiful ballet ‘uniform’ soon.

Sunday morning was Sophie’s turn. She has ridden on seven ponies since turning two on Boxing Day last year and drives us horse crazy with constant demands to read the same horsey books, watch horses on TV and play horsey games on the computer. This Sunday we took her to the Country Club Riding Academy. Located in the heart of Ohariu Valley, it’s a country retreat on Wellington’s doorstep. With over 600 acres of beautiful farmland to ride over. Sophie didn’t get to go roaming the fields, but she did enjoy a special half hour on a delightful, old pony called ‘Panda’ (just look at those eyes!).

Dan and I enjoyed a private half hour with Sophie and Panda. Charli was busy at the museum in town with ‘Aunty Lulu’. It was magic to lead Sophie around the paddock and spend time with gentle Panda.

There are so many horses and ponies stabled here and the atmosphere is so welcoming. It’s amazing to drive only a few kilometres out of the city and enjoy this tranquility. Sophie was so excited to be in the countryside and see sheep and cows as we approached the Academy. What’s more, there is a very homely cafe which serves hearty food by a roaring fire. A balcony stretches out over a little stream and children’s playground.

After a hearty lunch and a little play we drove back home feeling so relaxed and revived. It’s so exciting that our girls are developing their own interests and we too get to partake and enjoy.