A break from the southerlies!

Today was glorious. The air was calm, not a cloud in the sky. There was the distinct recollection of summer in the air (though of course we are not that easily fooled!). After many afternoons tucked up at home or at the museum it was with great relief that we could return, momentarily, to fair weather pursuits.

Whilst Charli enjoyed a lovely morning at Kindi, I spent the morning on Wellington’s waterfront with Sophie. We started at Waitangi Park playground (essential coffee stop for Mum!). After an hour of climbing we were ready to move on to Oriental Parade (and free parking for up to two hours – yah!). We had a glorious time counting starfish (now that’s a fun way to learn maths!) and putting them in size order.

And spotted several ‘eleven-armed’ starfish (eek!) devouring the mussels:

In the late afternoon I took both the girls down to Lyall Bay. Two hours passed like minutes. We built sandcastles with vast moats trailing down to the sea, with one of us on ‘wave spotting duty’ to ensure no wet surprises (though I ended up taking my shoes off, rolling up my trousers and venturing into the sea to fill up the bucket a few times!). We pondered on whether the tide was coming in or going out. We questioned why the water sank so quickly into the sand and didn’t stay in the moat. We considered options to strengthen our moat – maybe lining it with pebbles? Science in action.

We played at the playground, talked with other families and played with other children. We learned lessons in sharing and team-work.

We devoured our fish and chips whilst watching the daring surfers in action (and took turns to scare off the seagulls – before throwing our leftovers into the throng).

As we walked back towards our car the girls came up with a creative use of their spades. Art in motion… (another half hour beautifully whiled away with no need to rush anywhere):