Beads Frustration!

Some toys are sent to test a parent and child’s powers of persistence, determination and patience. ‘Beados’ are just that test! Last week, my good friends Stephanie and Francis popped round (Stephanie used to nanny for me when Sophie was a baby and I really needed an extra pair of hands!). They very generously bought gifts for both the girls and Beados were Charli’s gift…

Here’s an illustration of the task – place microscopic beads on template and when ALL the beads are in place set with a spray of water:

We had to restart the project three times due to the beads accidentally being knocked out of place! One night – around 11pm – I sat for half an hour making some head way into the project with dogged determination – only for Sophie to accidentally knock them the next morning over breakfast!

At the weekend Charli and I decided we would sit and persist until we’d finished placing all the beads and could blast them into place with water. Charli was awesome, saying, ‘We can do, we will do it!’.

Anyway, I’m relieved to report that half the dog is now complete… and we’ll be waiting a couple of week’s before finishing his body!