Random Happiness

Being in the moment, totally at one with nature. Free of the monkey mind chatter and internal dialog. No ego to feed; just simple happiness from living in the present and being consciously aware. Every breath drawn from the centre of the Universe. Every cell in the body soaking up the warmth of the sun and feeling the presence of life in every molecule. No heavy weight of past woes and future obstacles. What’s the point? Wasted energy. Live, feel, breath: Be Present.

Children of our future, are our future. They have more to teach us than we are often capable of understanding. Open hearts met by open minds. Sophie is such a soul of wisdom. She often has random strangers on the street captivated by her presence. In Commonsense Organics this week she had all the customers and staff circled around her whilst discussing the merits of various packaging and its effect on the environment; and she’s not even three!

With both my children I am constantly aware of the need to really listen when they talk to me; for they often have so much to teach me. When I open up to them they are so much happier to listen to me and willing to take my advice (though I can foresee them advising me more frequently in the not too distant future… and well into my silver hair days!).

I’ve come across some inspirational blogs recently and they are written by people that really do know their children and give them the greatest gift: the opportunity to become who they really want in close harmony with nature. Stop by and take a moment:

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
Centre Down Home

Meanwhile, on the home front here we are so happy with where we are. School term finishes in just over two week’s time and we have planned a road trip around the lower North Island, taking in Ohakune (snow!), Taupo (geothermal wonders and natural hot springs) and Napier (art deco, famous for a big earthquake, looking forward to seeing the new Aquarium).

After a bumpy start to Charli’s school-life (which only lasted a few week’s in hind-sight!) we are now all so happy. We really are blessed to have a beautiful, rural type school, with views of the ocean and a beautiful bushland valley for a playground. Combined with this beautiful setting are amazing people who really make this community work. Everyone is so open and friendly. Smiles are easily given to strangers – in fact there isn’t even a feeling of ‘strangers’ as we all feel some how connected.

Sophie is really coming into her own now and loving the freedom to explore. Living in Wellington is so easy. Dan’s office is only a ten minute drive away and he often makes time to meet us for lunch. We did this when Charli was younger, and now we’re able to do it with Sophie… and the smile in the photo says it all (the pair of them were in total, mutual adoration of each other!).

Charli and Sophie together have a wonderful bond, which I really hope continues. Fortunately Charli’s school is really encouraging of family-home interactions; which are helping to maintain the bond. Today Charli invited Sophie to join her on the mat for ‘Days of the Week’ and ‘News’. Sophie absolutely loved it and was even invited by Charli’s teacher to sit up and tell news! Sophie told news about her yellow chopsticks with a rhino at the top and how she was looking forward to a ‘Yum Char’ lunch with her Daddy!

Happy Days xxxx

Even the fish are happy at Chez Lee (took Sophie, Charli and I over an hour to clean it thoroughly on Monday afternoon!). They live in our hall-way, opposite our bathroom. In our home there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on the toilet and watching the goldfish (not sure what the fish make of this!).

And thankfully, the Universe didn’t implode today 🙂