A little ray of sunshine

This week (and it’s only Tuesday) has been all smiles and no tears (except from Sophie when her bicycle helmet unfortunately caught her chin as the strap clicked shut – ouch!). Charli has been thriving at school and I’m so relieved to pick her up and see all smiles. Her teacher is so wonderful and tremendously supportive.

Sophie has been a gem for me too. The sun shone for the first time in weeks and it felt so amazingly good to the whole essence of being (I’m currently reading Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’). I even heard ‘the piano man‘ cheering out loud in profane language (with a few obscenities thrown in for good measure on the abysmal storms the heavens have deluged the country with for a good fortnight). Sophie was riding her bike round the house and came in saying, ‘Mummy, there’s a man saying naughty words!’. A part of me was, ‘Cover your ears dear’ and the other half of me was cheering along with him and laughing hysterically as I really did understand his depth of emotion. After he’d finished a rich, verbal dissection of our inclement weather he proceeded to play the most beautiful music – artists hey!

Today has been filled with bubbles, running round the house looking for fairies, bouncing skyward on the trampoline until my legs gave way and my voice protested hoarsely to another rendition of ‘Ring a ring of roses’ – the best tonic a person could ask for!

At school pick up Charli was all smiles and so excited to have two books from the school library to bring home for a week (in addition to her daily reading, which she loves). We cuddled up on the sofa totally engrossed for half an hour before moving on to other things.

Dan came home a little earlier and after the girls peacefully fell to sleep we snuggled up to watch, ‘The Jane Austen Book Club‘ – which was fabulous and a very well picked DVD by hubbie to suit my tastes and currently turbulent emotions! Now I’m feeling inspired to get stuck into all the Jane Austen novels again. I always find the winter in New Zealand brings forth in me a romantic nostalgia for all things British. I’ve just finished reading Philippa Gregory’s ‘The Constant Princess’ and I’m going to have to stock up on the rest of her incredible historical novels. Feeling good – and that’s not the red wine talking! Off to bed with a cup of herbal brew – thank you Artemis!