Daddy looks after his girls in the sizzling, summer sun…

He takes them to blueberry heaven (and thinks that this might be his next business venture, as all his hard-earned dollars are being spent on blueberries – oh, but think of the antioxidants!):

He digs holes in the sand for them to splash in and soaks up the sizzling sun at beautiful Days Bay in Eastbourne:

He returns home at 7.30pm and they are still wide-awake and play out in the garden till dusk starts to fall. They cuddle up together in Charlotte’s bed to watch a movie and finally sleep comes a creeping, close to 10pm!

Meanwhile, Mum stays at home nursing a sore throat (which she caught from Daddy – thanks love!) and spends the day sleeping, lounging in a long, hot, bath and three full hours playing the piano – blissful (and the girls even saved me some blueberries – miracles do happen!).

[Click on the collages above to see them at their full size – we’re having fun playing with Picasa 3 at the moment! Thanks to Google for releasing Picasa beta for the Mac! We love it!]