Family fun at Staglands

The other week we stopped in at Staglands for a wonderful afternoon of family fun. Sophie delighted in riding the donkey. Charli was really taken with the rabbits. The black swan didn’t make a bee-line for Dan’s ankles on this occasion. I managed to avoid getting my bag nibbled by a goat. We had a magic time. It has been a while since our last visit, and it was great to do it without a buggy and having two mobile children not requiring piggy backs or shoulder rides!

I’m loving these collages… so much easier than uploading tons of photographs individually, though of course you can’t get the full picture… but anyway, click on the image below and it will fill your screen :

After a great afternoon we enjoyed a lovely meal before journeying back to Welly. Such a great little spot, tucked away in the most beautiful countryside (with blueberry picking on the way there!).