Walking on the Wild Side

This week was a hotch potch of weather, from glorious sunshine to gale force winds and rain. On the sunny days we spent time in the gardens playing under the trees, seeing the ducks and smelling the flowers. One lunchtime we met Daddy for lunch and played on the grass under a big tree. I met up with a friend on Monday and went for a walk along Lyall Bay. We giggled lots at the dogs playing in the surf. On Wednesday Mummy took me in my back pack to her ‘PIN’ Group Meeting (Parents in the Neighbourhood), but it’s really my ‘BIN’ Group Meeting (Babes in the …). I loved playing with all my friends.

It was a long weekend so I had heaps of fun playing with Daddy. Mummy and Daddy took me to Staglands Wildlife Park, which was amazing.

I’m getting much more mobile these days and turn around heaps on my tummy. I’ve also started to crawl, well sort of – I can only go backwards at the moment. I try to go from sitting to crawling and pull myself up to standing on my toybox, but often end up in a bit of a pickle! I also like to bang things together and at bathtime I love splashing the water and watching the water disappear down the plug hole.

I’m eating two to three little meals a day now and love pumpkin and apple (but not together). I’m going to sleep all on my own now, without being rocked or nursed, but I still wake twice during the night for a feed. I probably don’t need to, but I love seeing my Mummy and she’s a softie!