Chugga, chugga, choo, choo!

A few week’s back Sophie was being a little testing so Charli created a sticker chart, laminated it, pinned it up in the kitchen and ensured every measure of good behaviour was rightly rewarded. When the sticker chart was completed Sophie got to choose a treat and, being into Thomas (brings back memories to when Charli was two and three!) she opted for a ride on a steam train!

So… off to Silverstream Railway we journeyed. We went in convoy with Kathy, Mark and boys (Sophie was chuffed to be going with her boyfriend Hayden!). The last time we’d been was when I was heavily pregnant with Sophie and Charli absolutely LOVED it – even bringing along her favourite trains and lining them up on the seat next to her!

We had a fabulous time in the sunshine (except Charli is now very anti-Thomas and got cross every time any reference to Thomas was made – smiling for the camera only at the utterance of ‘Star Wars’!).

Afterwards we drove towards the ‘Blue Mountains’ (sounds very exotic – but actually, the ‘mountains’ are more like hills and beautifully rural, not toweringly majestic). We parked up at the wonderful ‘Short Straw Cafe‘ (where we’d been for Bethany’s 5th Birthday – of Dawes Family in NZ) and enjoyed a scrumptious lunch and play (Charli found a room without wasps and camped out there drawing pictures quite happily!).

A fabulous day and all the better with good company.