A stroll to our ‘local’ in Lyall Bay

The Spruce Goose, in Lyall Bay is a relatively short stroll from our home. Since returning back in Wellington we’ve had this restaurant, cafe and bar, on our list of ‘must do as soon as possible’! I was lucky to have a lunch date with a wonderful friend (who writes wonderful poetry, amongst other things, on her blog –¬†Latte Junkie), just a week after returning back, but it took nearly a month before hubby and I got the chance.

We walked up, over, and down the hill, from our home in Houghton Bay, early on a Sunday evening (whilst our neighbour kindly watched over our children – along with her own two). It was a windy evening, but we’d went¬†prepared with our shades (for wind whipped sand protection). Walking along Lyall Bay beach, hand in hand, with our conversation flowing free of interruption from our children, was just wonderful.

Couple timeBy the time we reached the cafe and bar we were very ready for a refreshing drink and a warm bite to eat.


Thankfully, the wind was coming from the north – as the main outdoor seating area for the Spruce Goose is largely protected from the wind in this instance. We were able to sit outside, enjoy the view and the warm feel of the setting sun and savour our hot chips and gravy, along with delicious olives.

Scrumptious at the Spruce Goose

A couple of drinks later we were ready to walk home, taking our shadows with us…

Days end shadows on Lyall Bay beach

The final part of the walk helped to work off the extra calories we’d so enjoyed consuming at the Spruce Goose – up a large flight of steps, followed by a switch back path, till we reached the top and savoured the view back over Lyall Bay.

Up the steps

Nothing like a good view to reward an uphill climb!

Lyall BayWith late night opening hours and a wonderful array of beers on tap and fine New Zealand wines, I foresee many more evenings strolling down (and back up) to our new ‘local’!

It only took me a day before I was back again – this time with my middle daughter – who absolutely adores chips with gravy!

Sophie at the Spruce Goose

We sat inside on this occasion – the wind direction was a southerly and strong! Good ‘ole windy Welly – which makes for some interesting plane watching!

running in the wind with the Spruce Goose in the background

Check out the website – Spruce Goose – to read about the story of how it started out and enjoy the gallery of photos too.