Ahoy there South Island!

We’re off to the South Island on Saturday morning, taking a ride on the ferry to Picton and then driving onto Nelson. We’re renting a beautiful house for the week, with the most stunning views (reminiscent of our stay at The Captain’s Quarters with ‘Chicken’ Grandma and Grandad back in 2003!).

Doubt we’ll be blogging much, but Dan will have his laptop on hand (bless him, he’s working away like a mad thing here!). Meanwhile, I’ve been doing the usual mad-house blitz prior to going on holiday (following in my Mum’s foot-steps… always seems like a lot of work, but it feels SO good to return home from holiday to a clean home!). I’ll be busy packing the cases, toys, books and favourite teddy bears tomorrow.

Had a busy day, but girls been good for me – Charli cracked us up this evening by presenting us each with a list of things we can and cannot do with her…. (she has some work to do on her spellings – but I love the way she’s not shy to express herself in the written word):

Do: Hugs, Play with me, Be sily, Play the peano when I am going to bed, danc for me
Don’t: Kises [She hates kisses!]

Do: Play with me, storys, hugs, be sily, biy me Star Wars toys
Don’t: Kises, not elowd to slap me [can’t recall this ever happening!]

Do: Be sily, Play with me, not to [too] tit [tight] hugs, draw me pichers [pictures]
Don’t: Kises, draw on me