My First Holiday

Grandma and Grandad Aspinall and Mummy and Daddy took me on my first ferry crossing to the South Island of New Zealand. We stayed two nights in the Marlborough Sounds, four nights in Nelson and one night in Blenheim. In the Sounds we stayed at the beautiful Portage Resort, overlooking Kenepuru Sound. In the evenings the ‘olds’ dined on an exquisite a la carte menu, whilst I was rocked, cuddled and busy feeding (thanks Mummy!). Grandad was particularly good at rocking me off to sleep. He power walked me around the restaurant at a speed to rival Michael Schumacher.

I really started taking to my Play Gym this week, especially Nellie the Elephant, I really like her. I’m also beginning to smile lots, which Mummy and Daddy, and my Grandparents, go ‘ga ga’ over.

With all the excitement of the holiday, and the horrible jabs, my sleep was all over the place. So Mummy and Daddy were kept very busy. But as you can see from the photographs I really enjoyed sleeping on Granddaddy’s shoulder and nuzzling into his neck.

I travelled very well in the car, sleeping most of the time. Occasionally I got hungry so Daddy had to stop the car for Mummy to feed me (which I think was a bit cold for Mummy at times as it was the middle of Winter!).

In Nelson I went on lots of walks and slept snuggly in my Moses Basket. One day we visited the Abel Tasman National Park and took a four hour ride on a fast and bumpy water taxi. Poor Daddy had to cradle me in his arms the whole way, bracing me against the big bumps (I think he had quite sore arms at the end of it!). I slept all the way through it, waking only at the end for a feed (which Mummy gave me on the back of the boat as it was hauled out by the tractor), mmmmm, I love Mummy’s milk!

Our last night was in Blenheim where I had my first BIG bath! It was a bubbly one and both Mummy and Daddy joined me for some fun and splashing in the water. I loved it and hope to have more fun in the bath when we get home.

Our return ferry ride was quite rough and delayed by three hours so we didn’t get home till midnight. I was tired, but couldn’t sleep very well and kept poor Mummy and Daddy up most of the night, they told me they really loved me though, which made me feel much better.

I can’t wait for my next holiday, it was fun and I think I’m a born traveller.