Domestic Bliss

Sometimes it feels good to lay low and simply chill out at home. Sophie and I have had a great couple of days milling round the house. We’ve been getting creative with paint, sticky tape and all things messy; engrossed in puzzles; playing horse games on the computer and reading copious books (it’s a wonder my voice isn’t hoarse!). In between all the game playing I’ve catching up on all essential house-work and clearing out the cupboards: Quite frightening when you realize there’s not that much edible good stuff in the cupboard and find microwave mini-Christmas puddings at the back – which Sophie then devoured!

After school on Tuesday we had a fabulous time at Te Papa (as always) and today I took the girls to Pumpkin Patch to stock up on new jeans for winter. Charli has such a tiny waist that Pumpkin Patch is the only place I can shop – as they have adjustable waist bands. She’ll be six at the end of June, but only just fits the ‘size/age’ 4 – bless her. One bonus in being petite is at cheer-leading she gets to be at the top of the ‘pyramid’ stack! Anyway, she was thrilled with her purchases (I couldn’t resist a pair of black/Jedi looking boots for her… I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say how much she loves me – in a wry sense it’s quite sad really that boots can buy love!). Sophie came away with jeans with flowers and Charli was relieved to find a plain pair without a flower or love heart in sight!

The girls are extremely pleased with the results of our ‘changing rooms’ and Charli is still requesting (much to my delight) a piano serenade to send her off to dream-land. This morning I awoke to the wonderful sound of her gently tinkering on the piano. It was the sweetest sound to wake me from my groggy state!

Of course today was ‘April Fools’ Day’ and Charli’s school had a ‘Play a prank on your teacher till 12.00’… so last night we found a couple of good ideas on Google and read about the history of the day. Charli went off to school with a pine cone in her bag and managed to sneak it under her teacher’s cushion before she sat down to call the register!

Hope you had a good day. Let me know if anyone pulled a ‘Poisson d’Avril‘ on you!