Music on a School Night

Well, since my last blog post of howling southerlies I’m pleased to report the fine weather has been restored. The past week has been glorious and, as you can see from the lack of blog posts, we’ve been making the most of it! At least Sophie and I have, whilst Dan has been working hard and Charli has been at school. But after school we’ve been racing around, from the beach and the zoo to the gardens and the local park.

The girls are still keeping pretty late bedtimes, but are so good and go to bed without any fuss, when the time comes. This evening was a typical evening for us of music around the piano before cuddling up to stories in bed. Last night Charli read the whole of her favourite Star Wars book to ‘Chicken’ Grandma and Grandad on the telephone!

Charli has now relocated her entire bedroom (with a ton of help from Mummy dearest!) to the downstairs room. This then led to Sophie’s bedroom being entirely shifted to Charli’s old bedroom (which is bigger, with more storage) and the spare room now being Sophie’s old bedroom…. so I’ve been doing a ton of shifting, cleaning and sorting!

The weekend was a busy one for all of us and a special treat for me – as I got a ‘pass out’ on the town with my friend Rachel (of ‘One Way New Zealand‘) – who has recently moved to New Zealand, from the UK, along with her husband and amazing son, Myles. We started off in Civic Square for ‘Earth Hour‘ and enjoyed a sing-along to candle-light before enjoying a wonderful evening of philosophical conversation and laughter. We discovered a wonderful little bar, called ‘Havana Bar‘, which in a way I am hesitant to mention here (as it’s the kind of little gem one wants to keep a secret!)… but seeing as most of my readers are dear family and friends on the other side of the globe I shan’t worry too much – but do promise to take you there one day for a Mojita or two! Anyway, it’s hidden away, far removed from the short skirts and high heels wobbling down Courtenay Place, in the region of Cuba Street.

We also dropped in at The Southern Cross and checked out ‘Alice’ (as in ‘Alice in Wonderland’), having read a review in AA Directions Magazine (of all places!), before finishing up with a night-cap at The Tasting Rooms. We were most sensible and returned home at 1am having only had four drinks each; and so proud of ourselves in the morning (as any parent knows – the day ‘after’ a big night is not at all pleasant – so we got the balance just right – hooray – a sticker on the chart and a pat on the back please!).

Today has been a great start to the week. The weather was glorious. Dan walked Charli to school, before being picked up by Sophie and I and dropped into work (stopping for a coffee at Mojo enroute!). Us girls then drove onto Petone foreshore to meet up with Marrisa for a wonderful catch-up. After school, I took the girls to the Zoo, along with a lovely Mum and her children from Charli’s school.

The girls were so excited and ran around with Charli’s school friend and cooed over his baby sister. Sophie literally ran, jumped, hopped and skipped for two hour’s non-stop. At one point Charli, who was walking sedately with us adults, turned to us and said, ‘I must be getting old!’, as she looked on with a smile of amazed disbelief at the energy of her younger sister! However, she then proceeded to run very fast down a hill, which ended in a spectacular skid on knees and hands – ouch! Thankfully, she found her smiles again (though needed a little carrying and even a ride in the babe’s buggy – to much amusement all round!).

We left the Zoo through the ‘after-hours’ exit and rushed home so I could start slaving over the stove-top (such a hard life!). Charli soon got over her sore knees and chased her little sis around the garden with a water pistol!

This evening has been so peaceful. Here’s a little video-clip of us round the piano – with Charli filming the first part – hence lots of unflattering shots of my bottom on the piano stool. Apologies for my attire – in my p-jays/lounge clothes in desperate need of a hot bath and hair straighteners!