Wave Watching

Monday, beginning of Term 4, and the waves crashing on Wellington’s south coast held us captivated after school. We sat with hot chocolates at The Bach, Island Bay, and cried out with excitement at each ‘ba doom’ on the rocks. Sophie was a little worried that they were ‘sulami’ (tsunami) waves. And was keener to have a couple of stories read to her. Jack and the Beanstalk’s terrifying giant was tame compared to the wild waves.

After filling our bellies Charli and I were keen to stand on the shore and watch the enormity of the waves, whilst Sophie watched from the comfort of the car. We snapped a couple of photos and were glad to be watching from dry land and not repeating our experience of sailing across the Cook Strait in a big swell.

Racing white horses Awesome power
Charli loving the escapism Young eyes watching from the comfort of loving arms

We’re all back into the swing of term time routines. Charli was so excited to see her class mates and be back at school. She’s had an exciting first week back, with the start of swim lessons yesterday and a visit to a local fire station today. She’s also back at dance classes after school on a Tuesday and absolutely loves it.

Sophie is settling back into Kindi (all 8 hour’s of it a week). She’s so ready for morning Kindi, but the current wait list puts the average start age at 4 year’s 3 months – so she shall have to wait till around February/March. In the meantime she’s kept out of mischief with play-dates, library and swimming. We’re all revving up for the Kindi Fair this weekend, with baking for the cake stand high on the agenda this week. Dan and I have volunteered to do the sausage sizzle so our Friday night will be spent slicing 30 or so onions (pass the goggles please!) and buttering up loaves of bread. The forecast isn’t pretty – wind and rain, so we’ll be dressing up in our wet weather gear!