Blue Sky!

After last night’s post of gloomy weather we woke this morning to such a treat – blue sky! It’s calm, sunny and the day is full of promise. Heading out around the bays for some fresh sea air and to check out the new Chocolate Fish at Shelly Bay.

School holidays are over and spring temperatures of 15 degrees have returned; which will make for much more pleasant school and kindi drop-offs and pick-ups.

Thank you heavens above for watering our garden, but really we have enough for a wee while. By all means rain your heart out at night whilst we sleep, but bless our days with sunshine for it makes us such happy souls 🙂 x

UPDATE 14 October:

The new Chocolate Fish round at Shelly Bay is not yet open so we drove round to Scorching Bay and stopped off at the cafe there (it’s okay, but not a patch on the old Chocolate Fish). I still don’t understand how higher rents could have pushed out Chocolate Fish and then another cafe come along and fill its spot? Anyone know? Anyway, it was good to enjoy the fresh air over a cuppa – even if the chill factor of a mean wind did keep us from lingering for too long.

DSCF4194 DSCF4195

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing some DIY on the playhouse in the garden. The girls helped Dan to hammer in some interior walls and give them a coat of primer in preparation for chalk board paint – very ‘Famous Five’. I can see some serious plans being hatched on the new chalk board walls!

DSCF4207 DSCF4205