A ride to the wild side of the South Coast

Wild waves on the south coast of Wellington

The swell of the incoming tide sprayed on the rocks by the shore. The sun beat down and the pull of the water, after a bike ride on the south coast, was too tempting to resist. Granddad hung up his bike tour guide hat and exchanged it for his emergency life-guard cap. The water wasn’t really as wild as it looks and not very deep – nevertheless, a rogue wave is always a possibility. Charlotte and Sophie looked like live bait, positioned ceremoniously on the rock, a tempting offering to a Taniwha.

They’d cycled along the south coast, past Houghton Bay and Island Bay, round to Ohiro Bay and along part of the gravel trail to Red Rocks. It was a bike ride I would have loved to have taken them on – but young Alice needed a nap and so Granddad pumped up his tires and did the honours. Besides, I had the company of my dear Mum. So whilst Alice admired the seagulls gliding on the wind currents drifting up on the cliff edge and marvelled at the half moon, Mum and I ambled along the coast admiring the scenery.

Houghton Bay

It wasn’t long before Alice fell peacefully into a deep sleep, rocked by the rhythm of her buggy swaying against the sound of the waves.

A beautiful walk around Island Bay on Wellington's South Coast

Mum and I walked along enjoying the scenery to ‘The Bach’, where we enjoyed a peaceful coffee and waited for the bike riders to return.

The bike riders return

This was a moment of utter contentment, enjoying several things I love – coffee, a good chat with my dear Mum, a sleeping toddler, beautiful scenery, a chance to capture it with a photograph and the sense of complete relaxation knowing my older children were in the very best hands enjoying a fabulous bike ride with their Granddad.

Coffee at The Bach

Mum and I talked of how we’d like a few extra hours to put brushes to paper and paint some of the marvellous scenery.

Beautiful scenery on Wellington's south coast

Another time for sure!


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