Happy Beltane to the Southern Hemisphere…

or Samhain, popularly known as ‘Halloween’, to all those in the Northern Hemisphere.

Unfortunately, the majority of folk in New Zealand seem to lose sight of what season we’re in on 31 October every year and follow the Halloween celebrations. However, up in Northland ‘The First Church of Ancient Crafts‘ has the right idea with their ‘Beltane Festival of Love‘.

Trying to explain all this to the children isn’t easy, when the television, media and folk on the street bombard them with people dressed up in spooky costumes and parade around doing ‘trick or treat’. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind Halloween, it’s just plain wrong to be doing it in our spring!

Despite all this, we did take the girls down to Capital E’s ‘Big Halloween’ party in Civic Square. Every year Capital E put on a marvellous ‘party’ and the theme changes with the year. This year it was a pirate theme and the show was very entertaining.

Big Halloween 2009 at Capital E

Big Halloween 2009 at Capital E

After the show we headed home, in glorious sunshine, and it made me very happy to see my Beltane fairies stopping for a bit of rolling in the grass…


They sure know it’s spring!

There’s a great post ‘Beltane Vs Halloween‘ on Mystic Medusa