Smashing fun at Charli’s school fair

Two week’s ago we were preparing for Sophie’s kindi fair, this week we’ve been closely watching the weather forecast in preparation for Charli’s school fair. Well, we had no need to worry as the weather God’s were on our side this weekend. Dan volunteered to do the plate smashing, along with another Dad, and they worked non-stop for four hours. Myself and the girls got to enjoy the fair and contribute to a great cause (which heavily involved eating lots of scrumptious food and drinking home-made lemonade). We kept checking up on Dan and he was fine. He had a seriously smashing time. And with the occasional provision of a sausage and a drink of water he was in his element. At the end of the fair I left him to enjoy a cool beer, whilst I returned home with the girls to get some water down their throats to minimize the sugar rush affect of too many lollies!

Charli having a go at 'Smash Palace'!

Charli having a go at 'Smash Palace'!

Sophie gives it her best shot!

Sophie gives it her best shot!

The girls had I had such an amazing time. There was a fabulous turn-out of people from the local community and beyond. The highlight for Charli was having a ride on the back of her headmaster’s motorbike around the school field! She loved it so much that she returned later for another go. Totally cool!

Charli riding on the back of her headmaster's motorbike

Both the girls enjoyed the petting zoo and the ‘G-force‘ guinea pigs:

DSCF4515 DSCF4513 DSCF4511

And had their first Heena tattoo:


DSCF4500 DSCF4499 DSCF4498

And Sophie was chuffed with a bargain find of a ‘Hi-5‘ cap for only 20 cents!

They had fun making paint-splash art-work and Sophie had her face-painted. They both saw many friends from the local community, school and kindi and it was gorgeous for me to see them so happy, independent and feeling a part of it all. Charli braved the ‘Spooky House’, with a senior student taking her hand and guiding her through (I sat outside with Sophie, who wasn’t so brave!). Charli came out with a petrified looking grin on her face and shivering. She said it was really good, though it took a while for her teeth to stop chattering! I heard there was a dry-ice machine inside and that it was very cold and quite scary.

DSCF4521 DSCF4517 DSCF4507

The highlight for me was the food! I could have sat and ate all afternoon. Charli’s classroom was transformed into tea-rooms and I wish I’d taken a photograph of it all. The tables were laid out with a vase of spring flowers on each and the array of cakes was mind-boggling. A lot of families had definitely been busy in the kitchen this past week! Here’s our offering… there were none left by the time we got to the tea-rooms, which I’m taking as a good sign! Thanks to Hay of‘Wandering The Road Less Travelled’ for the Halloween themed idea on some of our cakes.


So another successful ‘fair’ day and thoroughly enjoyed by all at Chez Lee!