Cards for their teachers

The girls transformed the dinning table into their craft base last night. Glitter and sparkles still remain, as though we’ve had a visitation from the fairies. The reason? Christmas cards for their teachers.

Charli has done cards for the teacher aides, the headmaster and the school secretary. She’s really hoping to get through Wednesday’s audition to be in the end of term ‘Performance Assembly’ so the cards are full of ‘You’re the best in the world…’ messages. Very cute and genuinely from the heart, as she’s really loved this year of school. Finger’s crossed she likes her new teacher and class for 2010. It’s really been awesome to watch her thrive at school this year.

Charli's Christmas cards

Sophie too is thriving at morning Kindi. She is so happy there and very proud of herself learning her letters and writing her name. Here’s her cards for the teachers…

Sophie's Christmas cards

The cards gave me an excuse to sit down and put my feet up, whilst helping with cutting where required. I’m really feeling the affects of the third trimester now. It’s not easy moving around and picking up a trillion things a day whilst carrying a ‘beach ball’ in my tummy!

I’m glad there’s plenty of activities on in town prior to Christmas day, as the dynamics in the home will feel a little different with us three girls in each other’s space all day. We’ll soon get used to being in each other’s pockets again.