Cripes! So many eels hungry for a feed on Saturday ‘avo in the country. We stopped by the Saddleback Cafe at the Country Club Riding Academy to finalise details for Sophie’s 4th Birthday party celebrations and spent a good half hour baiting sticks and feeding the eels. It was a glorious day of sunshine, after a week’s deluge of rain. El Nino is certainly making its mark in the build up to this Christmas (sorry, couldn’t write a post without fitting the ‘C’ word in somewhere!).

Sophie didn’t ride for as long as usual on Duchess, as she was a little frisky (Dan was doing the leading, so that must explain it). She’s really looking forward to riding with her friends next week at her Birthday party. We’ve decided to hold her party a little earlier than her Boxing Day birthday this year and so she feels like the Queen having two celebrations (and double the cake no doubt!).

After her ride we enjoyed a gorgeous lunch at the Saddleback Cafe and enjoyed whiling away an hour by the stream. The girls had a big whizz on the swings, fed the eels and enjoyed picking the daisies. A perfect afternoon.

Finger’s crossed for good weather next Sunday!