Rascal Rabbit let loose in the garden

We have Rascal the rabbit from Kindi for the weekend (again!). This will be the third time this term and we all enjoy having him. He didn’t have anyone to take him home so we volunteered. We’ve let him out in the garden for the first time… Daddy-O is on rabbit watch as I type. It looks like Rascal is doing a run around the perimeter of the garden and testing out the fence. Rascal has recently been given free range at Kindi and the children have learned not to chase him en masse. He’s such a happy rabbit.

We are looking after him for two-week’s over New Year as well, which I’m sure our cat, Blacky, will be delighted about (erm, not likely!). In the rabbit versus cat contest the rabbit is currently winning. Poor Blacky hisses and runs a mile when Rascal is around. Thankfully at night Rascal sleeps happy in his hutch in the kitchen, whilst Blacky sits on her favourite rug.

Well, it looks like there’s been no drama in the garden. Rascal has had a good run around and has now elected to rest back in his run.

We’re heading off out for some pony fun at the stables now. Thankfully, after a week of rain, the sun is out! At least it hasn’t been windy. I almost stopped to take a photograph on the school drop-off the other day, as all the children were enjoying a rare chance to display their colourful umbrellas without being blown away Mary Poppin’s style (not forgetting Charli’s own flight by umbrella!).