Bubbles, horses & fun on the farm

I read in the newspaper last week that when there’s lots of moisture in the air it’s perfect for making bubbles, as Alan McKay demonstrated in Wellington on Friday.

On Sunday morning the girls raced out the kitchen door into the garden and delighted in bubbles sticking to plants, the walls of the house and anywhere else they landed. It wasn’t the perfect ‘summer’ day, but it was warm and the moisture in the air really did make for incredible bubbles with great staying power.

Sophie loving bubbles

After starting the day with bubbles we headed up the Kapiti coast for horse riding at Stables on the Park and some animal feeding at Lindale Farm. The girls enjoyed a twenty minute ride, whilst we walked along behind getting very wet feet (we really should have dug out the gum-boots!).

Sophie riding Drum Charli riding Tinsel

Next stop was Lindale Farm, where the girls raced around feeding the animals – and running away from a flock of hungry sheep!

Sophie, Granddad & Grandma at Lindale Farm Feeding the pony

We finished up with Kapiti’s finest ice-cream before heading home.

It was a beautiful evening and Charli still had plenty of energy in her pins, so she headed out with her Daddy and Granddad for a sunset walk around the point, whilst I took Sophie off to sleepy bye-byes.

Charli at Princess Bay Walking round the point Big tummies

Princess Bay