Come on baby…

Woke up this morning after spending half the night up and down like a jack-in-a-box (if only I was THAT fast!) to visit the toilet. Mild contractions which have continued ALL DAY! Every 10 minutes they’ve washed over me, teasing me into thinking that baby would come today. Dan stayed home from work and did the school and kindi run (fueling the rumour mill that baby had arrived). Mum and I started the morning feeling excited and convinced the contractions would hot up in no time. I rested up and ate lots of Valentine’s chocs, whilst Mum went into nesting mode on my behalf – throwing the hoover around the house in every conceivable corner. The children were prepped to expect Grandma at pick-up time. But… as of 10pm, no baby yet!

To make matters worse I have a burning sore throat (the girls have mild colds) and feel tireder than usual. I had a little nap in the middle of the day, but felt weepy around 7pm in pure frustration – arrrrrr! After a calming chat with my midwife I felt a lot more composed and decided to head up to bed with the girls and read stories. Charli, bless her cotton socks, was reading for me every time a contraction took me away momentarily.

The girls are now peacefully asleep. Grandma is trying to sleep. Hubbie has headed up for some rest. I am going to try to sleep… but contractions are now coming every 5 minutes and a little more intense – so it looks like it could be a long night. I’ve put my togs on underneath my night shirt, wishfully visualizing a calm entrance to hospital, with time to spare to fill up the birth pool. If past experience has taught me anything it is not to plan, not to expect, but just surrender to whatever the ride throws at me and focus on the end goal of seeing baby at the end of it all.

Come on baby! Be kind to your mother, plllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaase! 🙂 x

Oh, and this was me yesterday – feeling very serene and peaceful (I’m trying very hard to feel that way now… visualizing each contraction as a wave washing over me; a punga fern unfurling… la te da te da):

39 weeks

This will be my last post for a little while… It’s taken me longer than usual (even at 80 wpm – thanks Mavis Beacon). If only you could see me now – stopping every five minutes as a contraction pushes me up from the chair, forcing me to stand and rock my hips – fat chance of sleep me thinks! Think I’ll wake hubbie up soon and head to that hospital before I’m crawling there on my hands and knees – ah, will all be worth it.

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