Not to be revealed

We returned from a wonderful week’s holiday yesterday and had the excitement of bubs scan this afternoon! Thankfully, all is going extremely well and everything is where it should be. Bubs is growing really well with the due date being put at 13 February, five day’s ahead of my original estimated due date of 18 February. The girls tried to bribe the lady doing the scan to find out whether they were having a little brother or sister, but she wasn’t to be persuaded! We’ll have a little fun with the ‘ole wedding ring on a piece of thread over my belly nearer the time. So, bubs may choose to appear on his or her Daddy’s Birthday, of 12 February, or maybe Valentine’s Day (in which case the name Aroha – the Maori word for love – would have to be the one). Sweep-stake nearer the time!

So, here’s bubs first ‘photo’…

I’m feeling lots of wonderful movement and can’t wait for the girls and Dan to be able to feel kicks and squiggles. Sophie has been asking, ‘Mummy, is there really a baby in there or are you just getting fat?’! After today she is convinced and has started to kiss my belly and give me little stickers and treats for baby. The lady doing the scan laughed when Sophie asked her Daddy, ‘But how did you know there was really a baby in Mummy’s tummy?’ Dan’s response was, ‘Two little lines on a stick told me so.’

Charli is so excited too and is so caring. She likes to play ‘tickle baby’ and both girls are making sure bubs recognizes their voices by arrival date! I love the way they are already thinking of their little brother or sister, for instance; we were cuddled up on the sofa together and Charli said, ‘Mummy, how many people are on the sofa?’ and I said, ‘Three – Mummy, Charli and Sophie.’ But Charli corrected me, ‘No Mummy, there are four, you are forgetting baby!’

Well, boy or girl, this little bubs sure is a wriggler and is bound to follow in the active footsteps of Charli and Sophie. It will be fascinating to find out what little personality is waiting to join our family. There’s a whole lot of love waiting for bubs.

Here’s the progress on the ‘bump’ front. These pics were taken on one of the sunny day’s of our hols. We had a mixed bag of weather – but thankfully the holiday home had a spa pool, which was magic in the rain. Thankfully the crossing over was fine and we were extremely lucky to see dolphins and orca as we entered the Sounds. However, the return crossing was not so good on our stomachs – ahem… I’ll leave the story for my next blog post (thankfully there is no photographic evidence!).

On a happier, radiant note…